Siemens Appliances

It sounded like a flight of fancy when Werner von Siemens followed up his invention of the dynamo machine with the prediction that electricity would soon make its way into the average household. It was here that many pioneering ideas were conceived, for subsequent implementation across an entire industry. Today, Siemens continues to be the leading innovator of the home appliance industry.

A brand name of world-wide renown that remains at the cutting edge of many key technologies of electronics and electrical engineering. A claim that holds true not only in its native country but in most every country and territory around the globe. Siemens home appliances stand for values such as quality and dependability, for well-designed products that function as reliably as they are durable. Last but not least, they are synonymous with provable end-user benefits and products made of materials that are truthfully identified and declared.

  • SE26T552EU
  • Dishwasherclose2
  • MCSA037504 HE20AB520 Def.eps
  • MCSA041850 KI18RV51 Def.eps
  • MCSA042198 KI42FP60 Def.eps
  • SGS55E02ZA
  • SGV43E63EU
  • SMS69T08EU
  • SN26T552EU
  • WAS287B0EU (While Stocks Last)
  • WAS287B0EU


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