MJS Trading Limited

MJS Trading Limited is a subsidiary of WestForster Holdings Limited, which has established a firm reputation through one of its subsidiaries for developing exceptional luxury properties often under complex community, market and regulatory circumstances.

MJS Trading aims to be Nigeria's largest independent trading company in the real estate industry, and we are expanding continously to serve our growing clients.

With our creative and hard working employees, we are synonymous with giving our clients unparallel quality and innovative luxury finishing materials: ultimatelty improving the ambience of the community we live in.

MJS Trading adopts an intelligent, innovative brand building strategy, pioneering the new era of merchandising in Nigerian market and beyond to attract the new and old generation of home owners, architects, interior designers, real estate developers, project managers

Operating Philosophy

Over the years we have learnt to know what we believe and to believe what we know. We realize that it is a rare freedom to do what we believe and we are grateful for this rare freedom.

Possessing this freedom comes with the obligation never to rest on our past success but to remain challeged by the higher standards we have imposed on ourselves.

Our total devotion to extreme elegant lifestyle for our clients makes us to seek new ways to fulfil their dreams, thus making us pioneers in the industry. We are therefore committed to dealing in total quality and world class products that reflect individual tastes and passions.

We undoubtedly acknolowledge the importance of divine blessings and the satisfaction that comes from seeing our dreams, hard-rock ideas become reality.

This is why we have firmly decided to always "FINISH WELL"

Unique Selling Proposition

  • Sound ethics and Philosophy
    Total quality and highly functional products
    Highly skilled and dedicated work force
    World class customer service (Pre-sales and After-sales Inclusive)

Our Core Values

  • Candor


Our Brands