MJS Bricktiles

MJS Bricktiles are sliced from facebrick, and are not extruded. They are used to create an attractive quality cladding that is weatherproof and maintenance free for life. MJS Bricktiles are precision cut from high quality South African fired clay bricks. They measure ±8.7 × 2.8 (220 × 70mm) in thickness of 0.35 or 0.70 inches (9 or 18mm). The high speed diamond cutting process is the key to the consistent high quality of the MJS Bricktiles.

MJS Bricktiles can be used for interior and exterior surfaces in shopping centres, office buildings, houses and anywhere a facebrick is desirable. MJS Bricktiles can be used on any structurally sound surface such as: drywalling, metal, plaster, timber, mortared surfaces, stock brick and painted materials.

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